Serious Business Intelligence For Serious Operators

QuantaRental has created the most comprehensive database of actionable Vacation Rental & Real Estate Business Intelligence available. A proven world-class data aggregation team; we provide performance-centric data solutions that are laser-focused to provide accurate financial information on over 159 million properties. Our data empowers Property Owners, Property Managers, Hotels & Resorts, Lenders, and Realtors to make the best possible acquisitions and outperform their competition.

Comparative Rental Analysis

A comp set for EVERY property

It has become nearly impossible to sort hospitality, vacation rental, and real estate assets into simple categories. The current landscape consists of an indefinable number of competitive set options. The ability to create comp sets based on location, size, amenities, traveler type, and countless other criteria is a necessity for any organization that expects to remain competitive. QuantaRental provides an unmatched capability to do just that.

Competitor Analysis Reports

Don’t leave anything on the table 

If you are responsible for the financial performance of a portfolio of real estate assets you need to ensure two things: First, that you are consistently outperforming your competition and second, that your portfolio is producing at it’s own maximum capacity. QuantaRental provides the data you need to accomplish those two goals. 

Revenue Maximization

Leave nothing on the table

QuantaRental monitors over a million Vacation Rental properties daily for changes in rate and occupancy, Our methodology uncovers your competitors’ revenue management strategy, not just their current published rates. This is the key to RevPAR superiority.

Asset Optimization

Capital expenses should always have an ROI

Configuration and amenities impact the financial performance of a Vacation Rental Asset. A lot. QuantaRental doesn’t just tell you what to change to maximize revenue. Our team of experts handles design, procurement, installation, and maintenance.

Enterprise Solutions

Your data is more valuable than you’re making it

The ultimate marriage of our data to yours. You know who your customers are and we know a lot about them. Wouldn’t you like to know which of them is active in Vacation Rental and/or Real Estate investment? Be sure that you are serving every possible need. 

Lodging Tracking & Compliance

Independent verification of reported revenue

Vacation rental properties have their own unique HOA and tax compliance complications. Due to the “DIY” rental options that have emerged as dominant players; municipalities, HOA’s, and accountants have struggled to keep up. Further complicating the matter, distribution networks offer varying levels of built-in accounting. While it has become standard to require a business license for every property, compliance with these new regulations varies. QuantaRental provides an independent verification source for rental activity, allowing for better enforcement. 

Multi-Market Benchmarking

How are similar destinations doing?

QuantaRental creates custom models that allow our clients to normalize their vacation rental inventory against similar destinations and communities. This creates a pure benchmark that allows them to measure their economic performance regardless of inventory breakdown. Models typically include type (house, condo, etc..), number of bedrooms, type of community, number of bathrooms, how many people the unit sleeps, and amenities. 

Visitor Reservation Behavior

There is A LOT more to the story than occupancy

Visitor behavior tells you much more than whether or not they are booking. How far in advance they book, length of stay, rate booked vs. similar reservations last year, and unit type trends provide a comprehensive picture of rental activity for a specific property or community. This is a critical category of information when dealing with restricted rentals or verifying compliance with city or community regulations.